my very pink new wallet

yes.. i love pink! i have always loved pink… and i have made myself a new wallet.. in pink!  *happiness*

i used this tutorial by Liz – it was a FANTASTIC tutorial, and my wallet was whipped up in no time, with minimal errors because the instructions were crystal clear!  ok, i did change a few things along the way as i wanted more compartments and i also wanted the card pouches to be facing the other way, and i did not want to have a snap tab because i prefer not to have one.  and i am really happy to finally have a nice, pink wallet, so much that i am mid way through making a replica for my dear sister!

i just love how simply pink the wallet is! this is so, so ME!

i added one compartment under the zipper pouch, and another under the card pouch. i also made the card pouch to face out, rather than the other way as in Liz's original tutorial. And yes, I added one more slot for the card pouch 😛

i love the zipper pouch. now i do not need to carry a separate coin purse. and did i mention how much i love the pink-ness of this wallet 😉

And I – in righteouness I will see your face; when I awake, I will be satisfied with seeing your likeness.  Psalm 17:15