pram liner and blanket

when we went for a winter holiday last year, lil j refused to sit in the pram because it was rather cold.  so sometime in April, i decided to make a pram liner to make it cozier for him.

i bought 2 metre of polar fleece (yes, way too much!) and ended up with a pram liner with matching blanket (and a little bag for the blanket – with BIG buttons), a single-sized blanket which he is using now, a mini blanket for j’s teddy and with one final rectangle left, i made a hot water cover for myself.  2m that goes a long way!

a fully reversible pram liner with matching blanket (in a bag) for lil j's peg perego.

so yesterday we decided to go down to the city for a walk.  we took the train as lil j is fond of trains.  we had a great day watching street performances (lil j is particularly interested in musicians), had a scrumptious lunch of absolutely delicious pork ribs (though lil j was not a big fan, he went instead for the herb rolls, and charmed a waitress that she came back countless times and took him for a walk round the restaurant – he even gave her a kiss before we left!).  after that, we tucked him into the pram and gave him the blankie.  he then just closed his eyes and took his FIRST ever nap in the PRAM – first ever in his 20-odd month! (previously, he only naps in the carrier when we were out – first few months on the breeze baby sling and subsequently the ergo carrier.)

peacefully asleep in his pram and all covered up with his 'nitenite' (he refers to his blankie as nitenite)

dear hubz enjoying his mcflurry while lil j continues to nap away. lil j had a good time chasing the seagull after he woke up from his power nap.

and today, we did the same thing when it was time for his nap.  he took longer to doze off this time, maybe because we were in the mall and it was rather noisy.  eventually, he pulled the blankie to cover his face and zzz away!  now… that is making that very little effort of making the liner and blankie all worth while!

on another (un)related note.  lil j attended sunday school for the first time today!  as i feared the separation anxiety of having to leave him behind (yes, mama can’t take it), i asked dear hubz to send him down.  apparently, he went straight to the toys when dear hubz brought him to his class, and did not even care when daddy left!  when i went to pick him from class later, upon seeing me, he came over and showed me the biscuit in his hand and said ‘auntie gives biscuit’.  he was apparently a nice kid in class, munching the biscuit while colouring away when given the colour pencil.  he joined in the prayer appropriately and said ‘amen’ as soon as prayer is over (and i kind of wish i was there to witness every single moment – yes i know, super emo mama).  and did i mention he never for once asked for daddy or mama!

two firsts in two days.. and many more to come!

and lil j learnt about Adam and Eve, and Noah today 🙂

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.  Genesis 1:27