and yet another one for Once Upon a Thread: Harry and the Dinosaurs First Sleepover

lil j was first introduced to dinosaurs via Harry and the Dinosaurs (by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds).  we borrowed lots of the Harry’s series from the library but this is one of his favourites.

lil j's favourite book from Harry's series. having read this countless time, he has started talking about packing his bag for sleepover, although I seriously think he doesn't quite fathom the meaning of sleepover just yet

one of the reasons lil j is fascinated with this book is Jack's tent. we've only gone camping in a tent once earlier this year, but he talked about camping whenever we read this.

so, last weekend, we decided to make lil j a tent – just like Jack’s tent… or thereabout 😉

it was relatively easy – thanks to Rubyellen of cakies.   I used her tutorial, but made some small changes.  Well, hubz got the frame done actually, with the help of the eager little j who was thrilled when we told him we were going to make him a tent.

hubz and lil j hard at work 😉 it was a particularly warm day so while they both slogged away in the heat, i stayed indoor and make the tent cover.. oblivious to the cool breeze from the fan 😛

we added dowel on the lower tent legs and they made the frame more stable. also sewn additional elastic loops to secure the tent cover better.

lil j's new tent!

And Apatosaurus said, "Listen!" because you could swish it with your tail and make it whistle.

There is only one way to find out if Apatosaurus was right

Brachiosaurus swished it with his tail, and yes! it did whistle!

all of lil j's dinosaurs are ready for their sleepover now...

but wait.  this should be about Harry and the Dinosaurs!  the tent is Jack’s, right?  well all right, if lil j were to have a little sleepover in the tent, then we need some pillows.  now there… isn’t that almost like Apatosaurus eh?

i made these appliqué dino pillows to go with the tent 🙂 we can even do a little puzzle to piece the dino together...

and this was how Harry and Jack finally ended up having a camp in the room.

It was lovely having a camp in the room, with all the toys having special jobs to do.

and, just like in the book, there wasn't one beep out of the cars or the diggers. Their job was to line up quietly in twos, ready for some noisy action in the morning. and i thought i heard lil j's saying "i like sleepovers, i'm going to do lots and lots of them. ENDOSAURUS 😛

so there, another project accomplished, inspired by j’s favourite books.  i really think Katy’s Once Upon a Thread rocks!

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messenger bag inspired by “What the Ladybird Heard”

this one is for my lil j!

yes, after having “inspired” me to sew this outfit from one of his favourite books, i felt compelled to make him something.  this time i’ve picked another one of his favourite:

A beautiful story by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Lydia Monks

all the animals in the farm said something, except the ladybird. he was a quiet little thing who said never a word. but the ladybird saw, and the ladybird heard... this is a wonderful story about the tiniest and quietest creature who came up with a plan to foil two crafty robbers' cunning plan.. it is truly a book filled with a whole farmyard of fun!

this was the page from which i drew my inspiration upon

i embroidered the illustration from this page. i did the entire embroidery in one thread colour simply because the ladybird was inconspicuous and i wanted to portray that subtlety.

the messenger bag i made especially for lil j. i used cotton linen for the outer fabric and lined the bag with recycled upholstery fabric given to me by MIL.

i've sewn the velcro vertical on the flap and two horizontal on the bag. this way, lil j don't have to fumble to fasten them, and this also allow the velcro to be adjustable.

the inside of the bag has a large pocket and a small hidden pocket (this hidden pocket was made to put lil j's sunnies). the lining was made from some recycled blind-out curtain material.

this was the first time i used the sewing machine in front of lil j. i sat him on a chair next to me and explained as i sewn the bag for him. ok, not everything, just the last bit and he asked if he could use the sewing machine! (not quite yet, he is just two really!) when it was done, i gave the bag to him and told him he could put things inside if he'd like. he wanted to put the ladybird book, but it was too big, so he put in the hungry's caterpillar instead.. oh, and his sunnies (i knew he would like to carry that for sure!) and he asked me for some snack to put into the bag as well! then he picked up the bag, and said "let's go the the library, mama". my heart just melted 🙂

And this shall be my second entry for no big dill’s OUT

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mama, that’s just like slinky malinki!

so i was sorting out my not-so-many, really, stash of fabrics looking for inspiration for my next project and lil j who was with me pointed to one of the printed fabrics and exclaimed: “mama, that’s just like Slinky Malinki!”

he went on to peruse the fabric and screamed in delight: “Mushroom Magee!  Scarface Claw!  and tried to said Butterball Brown (but it sounded like buckle ball bow)… Slinky Malinki’s friends of course!  (i love it when he is excited, he usually go “there!!!” with a big grin/smile 😀 )

you see, we have been reading all about Slinky Malinki lately, and Catflaps was really his favorite book.  in fact, we read that over and over and over again on a daily basis – for more than 2 weeks now.  he is so fascinated with the rhythmic sentences… in fact, he memorises them so well, he could recite some pages!

so after he went to nap (as usual) i decided to make something out of the fabric.  initially i wanted to make something for him.  but i wasn’t so sure about it… so it was.. until a few days later, i just whipped this out!

Inspired by the Slinky Malinki book, I used the panel from this printed fabric to come out with this outfit one afternoon... the design has to be something adventurous, something that says "lurking furtively", something playful. this was my interpretation.

close up. the buttons are supposed to be on the back, but i think it can be worn in front as well. and yes, i have decided to sell this outfit as i honestly don't think lil j fancy it 😛

oh, and what coincidence i found out that Katy from no big dill is running her Once upon a thread series!  (I super duper love her blog!)  so, yes, I will be adding this to her flickr group

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