sometimes… i kind of forgotten that i have a blog ;)

good enough an excuse for not updating?

well, i haven’t really been sewing much, too, honestly.  too much distractions, too little time to take out the machine, the ironing board, etc to get sewing started.

BUT, i will definitely be sewing this week!  everyday of the week!  because i have signed up to sew along elsie marley’s KCWC!  woot! woot!


meanwhile, these are some things that i have sewn lately.

"inspired" by my lil j's house building with blocks and lego, i made this door stopper one morning. he said, mama, can you make another one but make it into a pillow? hmm... i haven't got around to do that for him yet... soon, soon...

i love this fabric, so i made it into a fold-able shopping bag.

as usual, my lil j wanted to be my model. he is such a charmer, every time i made some thing, he volunteers to be my model and willingly poses for the camera. oh, of course, i cut his hair too 😉

i made this nursing cover with a hooter hider for myself! since we will be travelling a bit when the new baby arrived, this will come in handy.

up close of the nursing cover. i especially love the little detail on the strap 🙂

ok.. now off to some serious sewing for my first project for KCWC.  that is, after i dust off the machine…

For you are great and do marvelous deeds; you alone are God.  Psalm 86:10