activity book

i finished making this book for Aidan last year.  honestly, i was not totally satisfied with the outcome.  a lot of the pages were done while i was nursing my morning sickness, hence they were not quite up to my expectation 😦

the fabric was sewn onto the felt for the cover page.

the first page was similar to the one i made for lil j earlier. on the second page, the crab's claw were actually pegs.

buckles for the puppy's collar, and numbers on the other page using buttons

a little puzzle with shapes. the back of the train featured a pocket carrying the various shapes that can be assembled into the train.

a little tent with zipper, with 2 bears inside, and a simple page on ABC

color pencils holder and a bit of a cheat page - i bought an activity pad to be inserted into the last page 😛

nevertheless, this was one project which took me much longer than usual to accomplish.  i hope Aidan likes it though 🙂

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activity book for my baby

this was something that started 2 months ago, with two pages completed.  and then i thought i could make it bigger, and better – you know ideas were aplenty… then i got distracted with other projects, and hence the two completed pages just sat where i left it…

until yesterday.  i decided to just finish it – with two additional pages 😛  well, that was all i could finish in one nap after all.  so lo and behold, lil j has a four-page activity book to keep him occupied now! woo-hoo!!

lil j is totally clueless about tying shoe lace at the moment, but he is happy to try taking off the button. this page alone should keep him busy for a bit, at least until i make him another book (you know, the bigger, better one that i have been dreaming of)

the 2 pages which i finished ages ago. lil j has since been able to identify 1 - 10 and count out loud. i attach velcro to the numbers, so i can teach him to count using the buttons and then place the relevant numbers on the side

lil j is fascinated with buckles, so even though this page is very simple, it is currently his favourite. that was supposed to be a bag 😛

felted pin wheels inside the bag - again, because he loves pin wheels. but he call this flower. i supposed i could teach him about colours using the pin wheels.

the simple cover, the only page which was totally hand sewn.

well, lil j is having a peaceful nap now.  and although i wish i have another surprise for him when he wakes up later, i am going to take a break from sewing.  i have been meaning to reorganise some of my stuff as well as his toys so i think i’d better do it today.  i am sure he will be equally surprised when he noticed some of this toys missing later (i intend to put away some toys to make room for other things i intend to make for him – yes, i have so much inspiration and ideas – but first i must convince hubz that there are rooms for more stuff 😛 )

As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is flawless.  He is a shield for all who take refuge in him.  Psalm 18:30


button and felt bridal bouquet

this was a little something i made for a dear friend late last year when she got married.  i kind of forgotten about it (although i was not THAT long ago).

specially custom made with love and care 🙂

i also made a boutonniere for the groom to match the bouquet.

the boutonniere with the bouquet alongside the very cute invitation card.

i think it’s such a nice wedding keepsakes, and it was a real honour to have made this for my friend.  and yes, i do have lots more buttons left from this project.. which is probably why lots of my sewing projects utilised buttons 😛

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  Matthew 6:21           


a great craft, a great toy, a great teaching tool

when i first got my sewing machine some 3 months ago, one of the first things i wanted to make was a play mat for lil j.  he is very much into cars (typical boy), so i had in mind a play mat with roads, buildings, etc where he can ‘drive’ all his cars and such.  i googled for inspiration and stumbled upon this super cool tutorial!  

why, i am spared the agony of having to start from scratch!  narelle, the author, has got it all figured out, and sharing the tutorial was a real act of kindness on her part!  thanks so much!

lil j carrying his 'home', deciding whether we should be playing with the mat indoor or out. first thing in the morning, whilst still in his pajamas

centred around lil j's garage (i hand sewn this part), the various roads lead to the library, church, airport, playground, zoo, train station, farm, and the beach. when folded up, all the matchbox cars are stored in the 'garage'

although this turned out to be a non-sewing project, it was still a mission accomplished.  and better still, lil j loves the play mat very much.  we have been playing with it and on it almost everyday!  i introduced farm to lil j on this mat.  we put various farm animals on the ‘farm’ – from animal-shaped pasta, and miniature farm set.  we sang old macdonalds so very often.

lil j is happy playing with the mat while mama cook and do the laundry.

we also visited the playground a fair bit, lil j is currently into slide, he calls it whoosy-whoo.  when we missed our family back home, we visit the airport, and using lil j’s toy aeroplane, we talked about flying home.  and sometimes we dream about a train ride, so thomas the train came to the rescue.

and of late, the weather has been all wet and gloomy.  so, we have been having ‘picnics at the beach’ indoor.  and we read books we borrowed from the library everyday… truly, much more than just a play mat!

and yes, while i am blogging away, he is ‘reading’ (rather, trying to read) just ‘outside’ the library because we just borrowed some books from the library this morning!

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