another wardrobe refashion attempt

i found this maternity dress which i’ve never worn before just the other day.

believe me, i heard this fabric calling out to me when i was spring-cleaning the storage...

i knew just what i had to do…

i turned the dress into a slim-fit, non elasticised, slightly-pleated-front pair of shorts for my lil j! and not wanting to "waste" the fabric, i made the pockets extra long and big.

alright, it did not turn out right on the first attempt.  i totally forgot that by wanting it flat waisted, it means i need some opening of sort otherwise, how could you possibly wear it?  so i had to cut the front and insert a fly zipper.  it certainly did not end up too shabby.. i guess…

and then i had more of the fabric left.  i decided to make lil j a matching cap.. 

lil j's new cap, fully lined.

here’s one of my favorite pictures of him “parading” this outfit in Eumundi Market when we were holidaying a couple of weeks ago…

he was all smile when invited to sit and take a photo with these mates.. in fact, he was watching them strumming away happily, and even put some money after that. lil j is a big fan of street musicians indeed.

oh, did i mention i made both the shorts and cap just the night before we went for our holiday?  i simply had to! 🙂

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?  Shall trouble or hardship or persecution of famine or nakedness or danger or sword?  Romans 8:35