k+j sibling’s matching jackets

i bought this piece of woolen fabric because i wanted to make lil j a jacket.  so i started to google and read all about making a suit/jacket.  then the reading get too tough (there were all sort of jargons and i was too impatient really)… and i decided to purchase a pattern from here.

unfortunately, the pattern was not up to my expectation 😦  i wanted to make a professional looking proper suit but this pattern  doesn’t come with a front facing and back neck facing, just front and back lining.  also, i wanted to bag the jacket lining and eliminate hand sewing but this was not the case with the pattern.  by then, i was slightly distraught but still adamant about wanting things my way!  so i diverted a little (to allow for ahem! more research time) and made a trench coat for lil k instead, with the same fabric of course.

a simple woolen coat for my baby girl.

a simple woolen coat for my baby girl.

i drafted the pattern from scratch, drawing inspirations from various kids clothing designs but keeping it simple so as not to make too much mistake, and enjoyed my first attempt on woolen fabric.  even added some handmade piping and little pleats for details.

naturally, i made the jacket bigger, hopefully lil k can wear it longer.  so i added a martingale so it won't look too baggy.

naturally, i made the jacket bigger, hopefully lil k can wear it longer.  i added a martingale on the back so it won’t look too baggy.

i did not line this jacket, so i hand sewn the hem and decided that the jacket for lil j HAS TO BE LINED.

and then i started working on lil j’s jacket.  with extensive “research” plus staring countless times at hubz’s suits, I finally put the scissors to the fabric.  along the way, those jargons and online tutorials eventually made sense 😉

lil j's jacket finally completed

yay! lil j’s jacket finally completed

i must say the instructions for the welt pocket from the original pattern i purchased was very clear.  i’ve attempted the welt pocket before but wasn’t very successful so this was a major improvement. the tedious part was cutting the fabric to ensure the pocket pieces pattern matched the jacket shelf.

a peek on the inside of the jacket

a peek on the inside of the jacket

except for the opening to turn the jacket inside out, the whole lining was completely bagged and machine sewn.  i was rather happy with the outcome!

except for the opening to turn the jacket inside out, the whole lining was completely bagged and machine sewn. i was rather happy with the outcome!

so now, my lil j and lil k have a matching, sibling jackets.  even the buttons are matched!

woolen jackets for my babies :)

woolen jackets for my babies 🙂

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[KCWC] Second Day: Sweetheart PJs

(Pattern from Sewing For Boys by Shelly Figueroa and Karen LePage)

Sewing with patterns do make life easier, eh?  Usually, I draft my own pattern, and that usually means lots of tweaking and trial and error as I have to rely on whatever information or tutorials I can get online.  And most of the time, I don’t fully read information, which means I make lots of errors and (try to) learn from them 😛

Anyway, I tried following the instructions in this book as much as I could this time.  It did help minimise silly errors 🙂  But I had to draft the pants much smaller, using one of lil j’s pants because the pattern in the book was way too big for my skinny boy.

This was my second project for KCWC:

the perfect piece of cotton flannel for a little boy who adores vehicles and things that go! although, admittedly, it is often cheaper to buy kid's clothing off the shelf, no? nevertheless, the satisfaction and joy of making it with much love far outweigh the cost of buying something ready made, i guess...

we (as in lil j and myself) decided to go "train" all the way and use these cute train buttons I got from dollar shop. he hasn't worked out how to button/unbutton his shirt but it is still a nice touch.

the look of happiness in his face! priceless! the blanket on his bed is a WIP, hopefully I can finish it off as my next project.

So much for my second day.  Today, I do hope I can continue working on something – maybe a new pattern, or some cutting or even finishing off a blanket for lil j.  My back is aching rather badly and it is a holiday here, so I am hoping to spend some quality time with hubz and the little noise bucket (who, has been awake since 6am seemingly having a blast in the room – trust me a 2.5 years CAN make enough noise to scare off an elephant!)

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being formal…

after one whole week of labour, i finally manage to finish lil j’s trousers.  actually, i spent most of the time de-constructing this…

this was a pair of my pants which i haven't worn for a while, ermm.. since i quit my job some years ago actually...

and then i drafted the pattern from this

traced the patterns from an existing pair of shorts that best fit

by the end of the week… 

all done... that is after some hours of cutting, sewing, pressing etc...

upon washing and ironing...

 and then there was a wedding to go to…

the little boy all dressed up. i made the pants a little too roomy for his liking, and unfortunately i did not get a chance to let him try before hand, so there was no time to work on it further. the shirt was hand-me-down from a friend whose boy's have outgrown it.. which was perfect for lil j.

it was a lovely wedding indeed.  lil j kissed the beautiful bride a couple of times too 🙂

if only we remembered and managed to take at least one family picture yesterday… oh well, there is always next time 😉

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messenger bag inspired by “What the Ladybird Heard”

this one is for my lil j!

yes, after having “inspired” me to sew this outfit from one of his favourite books, i felt compelled to make him something.  this time i’ve picked another one of his favourite:

A beautiful story by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Lydia Monks

all the animals in the farm said something, except the ladybird. he was a quiet little thing who said never a word. but the ladybird saw, and the ladybird heard... this is a wonderful story about the tiniest and quietest creature who came up with a plan to foil two crafty robbers' cunning plan.. it is truly a book filled with a whole farmyard of fun!

this was the page from which i drew my inspiration upon

i embroidered the illustration from this page. i did the entire embroidery in one thread colour simply because the ladybird was inconspicuous and i wanted to portray that subtlety.

the messenger bag i made especially for lil j. i used cotton linen for the outer fabric and lined the bag with recycled upholstery fabric given to me by MIL.

i've sewn the velcro vertical on the flap and two horizontal on the bag. this way, lil j don't have to fumble to fasten them, and this also allow the velcro to be adjustable.

the inside of the bag has a large pocket and a small hidden pocket (this hidden pocket was made to put lil j's sunnies). the lining was made from some recycled blind-out curtain material.

this was the first time i used the sewing machine in front of lil j. i sat him on a chair next to me and explained as i sewn the bag for him. ok, not everything, just the last bit and he asked if he could use the sewing machine! (not quite yet, he is just two really!) when it was done, i gave the bag to him and told him he could put things inside if he'd like. he wanted to put the ladybird book, but it was too big, so he put in the hungry's caterpillar instead.. oh, and his sunnies (i knew he would like to carry that for sure!) and he asked me for some snack to put into the bag as well! then he picked up the bag, and said "let's go the the library, mama". my heart just melted 🙂

And this shall be my second entry for no big dill’s OUT

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another wardrobe refashion attempt

i found this maternity dress which i’ve never worn before just the other day.

believe me, i heard this fabric calling out to me when i was spring-cleaning the storage...

i knew just what i had to do…

i turned the dress into a slim-fit, non elasticised, slightly-pleated-front pair of shorts for my lil j! and not wanting to "waste" the fabric, i made the pockets extra long and big.

alright, it did not turn out right on the first attempt.  i totally forgot that by wanting it flat waisted, it means i need some opening of sort otherwise, how could you possibly wear it?  so i had to cut the front and insert a fly zipper.  it certainly did not end up too shabby.. i guess…

and then i had more of the fabric left.  i decided to make lil j a matching cap.. 

lil j's new cap, fully lined.

here’s one of my favorite pictures of him “parading” this outfit in Eumundi Market when we were holidaying a couple of weeks ago…

he was all smile when invited to sit and take a photo with these mates.. in fact, he was watching them strumming away happily, and even put some money after that. lil j is a big fan of street musicians indeed.

oh, did i mention i made both the shorts and cap just the night before we went for our holiday?  i simply had to! 🙂

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blessed birthday my lil j

so we had a lovely picnic to celebrate lil j’s 2nd birthday.  with all the extended family members.  what a wonderful blessings.

lil j had a really great time.  and so did all of us 🙂

the birthday boy in his new tunic, and a refashioned trousers 🙂

our little family with lil j's BIG birthday cake

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sneak peek…

my lil man is turning 2 this weekend!  yippie!

will be having a little bash for him.. kinda a last minute decision.. nevertheless, it will be good fun i am sure..

sneak peek of something i have been labouring for him…

lil j's favourite instruments.. drum set, keyboard and guitar.. he loves playing guitar the most, and sings countless of songs.. most of which self composed 😛

can’t wait to see his birthday cake next.. and nope, i am not baking it 😉

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