wait.. it is september already??

swamped!  totally… 

was down with a real nasty cold and a stubborn cough for nearly 2 weeks!  then lil j had a bout of vomiting and diarrhea which lasted over 5 days!  poor kid… he was so miserable.  thankfully, hubz’ been fit though.

and been busy clearing up the spare room, which has in recent months been made a storage area… the in laws are coming to visit in a couple of days.. exciting! nieces are going to be here too, so the house will be definitely be buzzing with activities and noise 😉

all that… but sewing still need to be done.. ha!

yup, another birthday – so another sewn gift:)  this dress was made for Nicole, one of lil j’s friends who turned 2 on the 8th.  originally wanted to make the ballet neck toddler dress from this book but ended up with only half of that 😛

the bodice was made similar to the design from the book. i added some ruffles/pleats on the front as i felt the neck line was a little odd. the skirt is pleated and the front has a satin ribbon on the waist.

i got this lovely lace from dollar shop - it was so dainty! used it to finished the hem, and the arm hole.

 we had a lovely time at the party, albeit lil j’s diarrhea and vomit spell…  gee.. that was like 2 weeks ago.  time flies…

For in the gospel a righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.”  Romans 1:17