sometimes… i kind of forgotten that i have a blog ;)

good enough an excuse for not updating?

well, i haven’t really been sewing much, too, honestly.  too much distractions, too little time to take out the machine, the ironing board, etc to get sewing started.

BUT, i will definitely be sewing this week!  everyday of the week!  because i have signed up to sew along elsie marley’s KCWC!  woot! woot!


meanwhile, these are some things that i have sewn lately.

"inspired" by my lil j's house building with blocks and lego, i made this door stopper one morning. he said, mama, can you make another one but make it into a pillow? hmm... i haven't got around to do that for him yet... soon, soon...

i love this fabric, so i made it into a fold-able shopping bag.

as usual, my lil j wanted to be my model. he is such a charmer, every time i made some thing, he volunteers to be my model and willingly poses for the camera. oh, of course, i cut his hair too 😉

i made this nursing cover with a hooter hider for myself! since we will be travelling a bit when the new baby arrived, this will come in handy.

up close of the nursing cover. i especially love the little detail on the strap 🙂

ok.. now off to some serious sewing for my first project for KCWC.  that is, after i dust off the machine…

For you are great and do marvelous deeds; you alone are God.  Psalm 86:10



a “bagful” of labour

laborious it was – this!

a rectangular backpack. i was adamant about making it without any referral to any tutorials/blogs etc. whatsoever. and i was very sure i wanted it to be rectangle! stubborn, that is 😛

the result of being ermm.. so “determined” meant that there were many hours of unnecessary work.  pattern mistake, stitching on the wrong side once, seam ripping (that is quite common for me when i work on new project for the first time, anyway)… in fact, i got a little annoyed once i just let the half-finished bag aside for a few days!

anyway, all’s well that ends well, i guess.  i have finished my rectangle backpack, yippie!

as with all backpacks, the straps are adjustable, and i'm glad i cut the webbing longer to allow more flexibility

the inside of the flap has a zipped compartment. inside the main compartment, there is another pocket and i have also added a swivel hook for holding keys etc.

i love this fabric very much, and this was the last bit, after having made a messenger bag earlier.  and i’ve decided to list this one for sale too!

meanwhile, my little model volunteered to carry it and let me photographed him… even though the bag was too big for a toddler like him.. hmmm…

lil j happily showing off the bag, albeit struggling to keep the straps in place. he asked if this bag was for him, and i said "no, mama has to try to sell it so that we have some money to buy you milk." he immediately took off the bag, gave it back to me and asked, "can i have some milk now?" hmmm....

Love must be sincere.  Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.  Romans 12:9


being formal…

after one whole week of labour, i finally manage to finish lil j’s trousers.  actually, i spent most of the time de-constructing this…

this was a pair of my pants which i haven't worn for a while, ermm.. since i quit my job some years ago actually...

and then i drafted the pattern from this

traced the patterns from an existing pair of shorts that best fit

by the end of the week… 

all done... that is after some hours of cutting, sewing, pressing etc...

upon washing and ironing...

 and then there was a wedding to go to…

the little boy all dressed up. i made the pants a little too roomy for his liking, and unfortunately i did not get a chance to let him try before hand, so there was no time to work on it further. the shirt was hand-me-down from a friend whose boy's have outgrown it.. which was perfect for lil j.

it was a lovely wedding indeed.  lil j kissed the beautiful bride a couple of times too 🙂

if only we remembered and managed to take at least one family picture yesterday… oh well, there is always next time 😉

so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. Romans 12:5


my best friend…

this week, i have had the chance to spend some quality time with my best friend 🙂

my faithful seam ripper 🙂

yup, my faithful friend who is helping me a great deal to get something nice done for my lil j.  i just need to put the finishing touch to it right after he wakes up from his rather long-ish nap…

thank you, my friend 🙂

Diligent hands will rule, but laziness ends in slave labor.  Proverbs 12:24


activity book

i finished making this book for Aidan last year.  honestly, i was not totally satisfied with the outcome.  a lot of the pages were done while i was nursing my morning sickness, hence they were not quite up to my expectation 😦

the fabric was sewn onto the felt for the cover page.

the first page was similar to the one i made for lil j earlier. on the second page, the crab's claw were actually pegs.

buckles for the puppy's collar, and numbers on the other page using buttons

a little puzzle with shapes. the back of the train featured a pocket carrying the various shapes that can be assembled into the train.

a little tent with zipper, with 2 bears inside, and a simple page on ABC

color pencils holder and a bit of a cheat page - i bought an activity pad to be inserted into the last page 😛

nevertheless, this was one project which took me much longer than usual to accomplish.  i hope Aidan likes it though 🙂

For by the grace given to me I say to everyone of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgement, in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you.  Romans 12:3


Fun in the Farm Series – Custom Order

this dress is one my my first custom-made orders 🙂  and the last panel of the farm themed fabric in my stash.

made two weeks ago for a girl named Sophie, who will be celebrating her birthday in a week’s time.

this dress was sized 4T. it has a little pocket and comes with ruffled hem. i also hand embroidered my label on it.

the back of the dress. this was as close as possible to what was requested by Sophie's mom. with rickracks trim added for fun factor.

i love how colourful and playful this dress turned out.  and especially since this will be the last piece featuring the farm themed fabric (unless i can find it and re-order).

i hope Sophie will be delighted when she received this in the mail 🙂 thanks, Sharon!

next challenge coming up.  refashioning a formal wear for my lil j for a wedding we are going to attend this weekend.. stay tuned 😉

How can I repay the LORD for all his goodness to me?  Psalm 116:12


i have abandoned my blog.. NOT!

ok, so i missed Christmas, and the New Year.  i am a terrible blogger!  in my mind though, i updated so frequently.  it just didn’t show up here 😛 

i have been rather ill since early November.  a bout of flu and cough, followed by another.  lost my voice shortly before Christmas and then the coughing and a nasty cold caught up again!  New Year came and voila!  it is already half month into January!

BUT perhaps, the best Christmas/New Year gift of all time from God!


yes, this little peanut (13 weeks now), nicked “the hedgehog” by lil j was one of the reasons for my tardiness in updating.  the morning sickness, aka day-and-night-sickness was taking toll on me.  drinking water made me ill (and still does now), every smell that has never bothered me before became so unbearable, i lost count of my vomiting bout.  all these were so different from when I was pregnant with lil j.  in fact, I had almost none of these the first time round!  having said that, our family is thrilled!  lil j loves putting his head on my tum and keep telling me his “hedgehog” said hi to him, and is swimming inside my tummy.

so yeah, we are extremely thankful for God’s blessing.

on my sewing front, which what this blog should be about… i have not been very productive as i would have like to.  i was almost always tired, and therefore when lil j naps, i took the opportunity to have naps myself.  in the midst though, i did made him a pair of shorts from his daddy’s old shirt, experimented with another one of his daddy’s shirt to make it into a mini version for lil j, completed the activity book for a little boy (just in time for Christmas), and mended a few clothes here and there.

so there… an update finally… i have not abandoned my blog surely.  and i will be updating again soon.. sneak peek of what’s coming up next…

a very colourful and playful dress

Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship.  Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.  Romans 12: 1-2