a “bagful” of labour

laborious it was – this!

a rectangular backpack. i was adamant about making it without any referral to any tutorials/blogs etc. whatsoever. and i was very sure i wanted it to be rectangle! stubborn, that is 😛

the result of being ermm.. so “determined” meant that there were many hours of unnecessary work.  pattern mistake, stitching on the wrong side once, seam ripping (that is quite common for me when i work on new project for the first time, anyway)… in fact, i got a little annoyed once i just let the half-finished bag aside for a few days!

anyway, all’s well that ends well, i guess.  i have finished my rectangle backpack, yippie!

as with all backpacks, the straps are adjustable, and i'm glad i cut the webbing longer to allow more flexibility

the inside of the flap has a zipped compartment. inside the main compartment, there is another pocket and i have also added a swivel hook for holding keys etc.

i love this fabric very much, and this was the last bit, after having made a messenger bag earlier.  and i’ve decided to list this one for sale too!

meanwhile, my little model volunteered to carry it and let me photographed him… even though the bag was too big for a toddler like him.. hmmm…

lil j happily showing off the bag, albeit struggling to keep the straps in place. he asked if this bag was for him, and i said "no, mama has to try to sell it so that we have some money to buy you milk." he immediately took off the bag, gave it back to me and asked, "can i have some milk now?" hmmm....

Love must be sincere.  Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.  Romans 12:9



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