it has been raining all week… oh, rain, please come again another day

the weather is all gloomy… the whole week!  it’s so wet, we could hardly do anything outside… and lil j is already feeling all cooped up, having only been out twice this week!  you know the little ones, they are so full of energies, and to have them confined to the house, even with indoor activities, aren’t just the same as being out there.. exploring, running, etc etc… sigh

on the bright side… we took advantage of the situation to do a “big” project for him… potty training!  yay!  well, we actually started two weeks ago.  we decided it was about time – he was showing all the signs and more.. coupled with the fact that i’ve always believed in EC and practised (rather successfully) from when lil j was about 3 month old (although, he was adamant that he wanted to use only the diaper shortly after he was 1, and thereafter, for one whole year, there was no potty/toilet involved!  that boy!) .  we were actually running out of diaper one day, and can you believe it, they ran out of the size and brand that we usually bought.  so i told hubz, oh well, it’s fine, it’s about time he gets back on the potty anyway.

and so it was.  i decided to use cloth diaper rather than underpants right away because i figured the cloth diaper will be more absorbent anyway, and i could not afford him having accidents around the house when it’s carpeted.  the first day was a total disaster – 100% of the time, he pee-d and poo-ed in the diaper.  and it was funny watching him walked like a duck to me each time it happened… mama, please help him change (he refers to himself as “he” as in a third party perspective).  i just reminded him that he has to use the potty/toilet so that he wouldn’t get all sticky and stinky.  and i thought to myself, this is going to be a long journey!

on the second day, there was quite a big improvement – at least 50% of the time he remembered to use the potty (i decided to put a sticker of Thomas the train on it as this was one of the characters he liked), but mostly after he wet himself slightly… still it was a major improvement…

and then, suddenly by the fourth day, it was 100% potty!  yay!  (ok, still not counting the night/nap time for now)

staying home mostly, and having a routine during this time actually helped a lot.  i brought lil j out few times on the second/third day of his training, and he seemed to “forgot” about the potty after he got home.. for a while at least.  i doubt rewards and chart were helpful for him, he wasn’t at all interested when i said he could have this or that after he has gone to the toilet… so i dropped it after a few attempts.)

over the course of the next week, we just moved on to the toilet.  and moved out of the cloth diaper to underpants.  he is feeling so proud of himself now.  he’d uttered, good job, well done!  after having gone to the toilet… (i must admit, i feel proud of him too… then again, i am his mama right? – everything about him ought to make me proud)

it does feel somewhat strange washing and hanging out little underpants now… and it is also somewhat strange to be talking about potty training in my sewing blog 😛  but well… let’s just say it’s another wonderful project i’ve been working on afterall… and yes, please oh, rain, can you come back some other time… because the little boy in the underpants wants to go out and play… and so does his mama…

he was really excited about wearing underpants, just like a big boy... he started to dance with the bunny and ice bear when i asked him to take a picture 🙂

The LORD is far from the wicked but he hears the prayer of the righteous  Proverbs 15:29




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