mama, that’s just like slinky malinki!

so i was sorting out my not-so-many, really, stash of fabrics looking for inspiration for my next project and lil j who was with me pointed to one of the printed fabrics and exclaimed: “mama, that’s just like Slinky Malinki!”

he went on to peruse the fabric and screamed in delight: “Mushroom Magee!  Scarface Claw!  and tried to said Butterball Brown (but it sounded like buckle ball bow)… Slinky Malinki’s friends of course!  (i love it when he is excited, he usually go “there!!!” with a big grin/smile 😀 )

you see, we have been reading all about Slinky Malinki lately, and Catflaps was really his favorite book.  in fact, we read that over and over and over again on a daily basis – for more than 2 weeks now.  he is so fascinated with the rhythmic sentences… in fact, he memorises them so well, he could recite some pages!

so after he went to nap (as usual) i decided to make something out of the fabric.  initially i wanted to make something for him.  but i wasn’t so sure about it… so it was.. until a few days later, i just whipped this out!

Inspired by the Slinky Malinki book, I used the panel from this printed fabric to come out with this outfit one afternoon... the design has to be something adventurous, something that says "lurking furtively", something playful. this was my interpretation.

close up. the buttons are supposed to be on the back, but i think it can be worn in front as well. and yes, i have decided to sell this outfit as i honestly don't think lil j fancy it 😛

oh, and what coincidence i found out that Katy from no big dill is running her Once upon a thread series!  (I super duper love her blog!)  so, yes, I will be adding this to her flickr group

Christ is the end of the law so that there may be righteousness for everyone who believes.  Roman 10:4



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