aprons, glorious aprons!

i made these matching aprons for my dad and mom!  they are in food business, so apron to them is something of essential.  i would have love to throw in some ahem! designs and stuff, you know, ruffles, pleats etc etc.. but mom warned me that they have got to be boring practical.  but i liked that they now have what i call the matching love-birds aprons 😛

the apron for dad is slightly bigger than that for mom, both has adjustable neck ties. dad's apron has two large pockets, one of which has hook and loop velcro tape. mom's apron has two big pockets as well, and one smaller pocket on top of the other, fastened with buttons. i also added a loop on the side of the pockets to hold kitchen towel or such

now, as i am looking at the picture, i am thinking maybe i should have ignored my mom’s warning, and done some embroidery after all… hmmm… if only i hadn’t have them sent out yet!

Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word.  Psalm 119:37



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