sew me a sun hat

i actually sewn a sun hat a couple of weeks ago.  unfortunately, it was too big for a toddler, too small for an adult.  well, that’s what happen when you put scissors to fabric and randomly cut away…

anyway, as i was about to wrap the little bubble dress today, i suddenly remembered i had lined the hat with the same fabric i used to make the dress.  so i took it out, and decided that if i do something about it, the hat will be a perfect accessories.  otherwise, it would probably sit in the drawer and forever be forgotten.

so armed with my faithful seam ripper, i took what seemed like eternity to undo all my hard work.  did some measurement using lil j’s hats and finally, put the pieces back again!  ok, i even added a little bow on the side so that it will match the dress.  it turned out fine, despite all the hours of unnecessary labour.  so now, little Chloe will be presented with a dress and a hat to match for her 1st birthday tomorrow! yippie!

the finished sun hat with the matching bubble dress - i cant wait to see how they fit. oh, i also made a simple card as i forgot to buy one...

So in everything , do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.  Matthew 7:12



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