pants from “remember when” fabric

i mentioned in my last post that i made 2 pairs of pants for lil j last week.  (well, actually, since the first pair is a reversible pants, i technically made 3 pairs for him!)   the second (or third) pair was made from the same fabric of one which i’ve made for him sometime ago here.

i really love that fabric and since i have more left, i decided to make another one – with new pattern (yes, i am experimenting with patterns to come up with something i can sell).  more so, the first pair was not done well – i made it a little too small and as it is, it appeared too low-waisted (and unfortunately, showing too much of his bulky diaper 😛 )

it’s flat fronted, but i added tab to enable flexibility, and also to make sure lil j didn’t outgrown it too soon.  oh, i also added pockets (i used knit for this one).  not too shabby me thinks…

oh what joy it is to be out in the park, especially when you are wearing a new pair of pants handmade with care and love eh?

i made this pair extra long and bigger than lil j's current size. the straps allow flexibility, and beside being practical, i think they actually look rather cute too.

on that note, i was thinking, with 5 pieces of clothing (an overalls for Annabelle, another overalls for Caleb, a pillow case dress, and two pair of pants for lil j) completed over the last week, i just need to come out with 2 more to meet the challenge of elsie marley’s kcwc.   oh wait, i just missed the deadlines anyway 😛  despite that, i thought kcwc was a great idea, and it surely inspired me to just get down to sew something!

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellsprings of life.  Proverbs 4:23



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