visor beanies

some time ago, dear hubz got some free beanies from the magazines he bought.  he wasn’t going to wear them, and they were too big for me.  so i just put one on lil j’s teddy, and the other one into lil j’s toy box.  and then the other day, i saw the columbia’s visor beanie.  that’s when i thought i could ‘fix’ those beanies to fit.

i tried on the first one, inserting a piece of transparency film, and liked it.  even cut out some felt and made a little flower to decorate it.  and then tried on the other one, but totally made a disaster out of it 😛  then i found my old beanie but somehow it seemed way too snug (has my brain been growing eh?)  and i decided to make a bigger visor, and tighten it to fit lil j.  this time i cut out the visor from a sour cream packaging 😛

so now, both lil j and me have our own visor beanie.  yippie!

it really is difficult trying to take my own picture here with my new beanie 😛

with a big visor in order to make it fit the little one better. he was too busy picking up his star fruit with the fork to be bothered with posing for me.

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.  Psalm 27:14



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